A Picture-Perfect Franchise Opportunity Break free with an Iris Photo Franchise


Why Iris Photo? Here's Why.

Outstanding Earning Potential

A modest initial outlay can lead to impressive profit margins for your hard work. Iris Photo is one of the most affordable franchises with solid earning potential.

A Showstopper in the Market

Every single eye is unique and beautiful and our product isn't just liked; it's loved. Witness as it captures attention, watch heads turn and lines form, you will be amazed at how people will connect with irisphoto.

If you've been looking for opportunities in franchising ready to scale, this is it.

Swift Setup, Smooth Sailing

With our guidance as you start a franchise, you can have your Iris Photo venture up and running in no time. And once set up? It's a breeze to manage.

Unparalleled Photo Box Innovation Blending cutting-edge design with an immersive experience, our unique photo box technology delivers imagery that stands unparalleled on the global stage.

Inventory? A Minimalist's Dream

No clutter, no excessive stock. We've optimized the Iris Photo business model so that you focus on what truly matters, which is sales and making people happy.

It's the low cost franchise opportunity you've been looking for.

Flexibility at Its Finest

Whether you're in the mood to roll up your sleeves or oversee from a distance, the reins are firmly in your hands. Dive deep or guide from afar—the choice is yours.

Be the Captain

Take charge of your professional journey. Find joy, fulfilment, and, of course, fun in being the master of your destiny.

The American Dream

Recent years have seen the franchise sectors of the USA and Canada booming, pouring 800 billion into the U.S GDP. New an innovative franchises are providing opportunities for those ready to adapt.

With our brand's footprint growing in Australia and well established business model the North American market is ready for irisphoto's scalable but affordable franchise model.

But remember, as the allure of Iris Photo spreads, and being one of the least expensive franchises to open prime territories are being snapped up.

Apply now to claim your territory and locations before they're gone!

Our Journey: From a Vision to Reality

Founder Mitchel Zeer launched Irisphoto with a revolutionary invention - a unique technology for capturing the intricate details of the human eye in unprecedented detail.

While studying psychology and photography, Mitchel's fascination with macro photography and the manipulation of lighting inspired him to create the Iris Photo Box, a mini studio dedicated to capturing the beauty of the iris.

Joined by his brother Braden, they expanded the business to multiple locations across Australia capturing the imagination of thousands of people.

Now after six transformative years, we've not only refined our tech we've crafted the business model to drive results for both seasoned and new franchisees.


Standing by You, Every Step of the Way!

The Manual for Success

Our exhaustive manuals cover all facets of the business, ensuring you're equipped to excel.

Personalized Training Sessions

Whether you come to us or we come to you, rest assured, you'll be trained by the best in the business.

Support When You Need It

Be it a call, an email, or a face-to-face meeting, we're always here for you.

Continuous Learning

Regular training seminars offer fresh insights, and the chance to engage with visionaries who've treaded the path to success.

Digital Prowess

In a digital age, stay ahead with our ongoing social media campaigns and top-notch technology training.

The Franchise Loved by Franchisees

“I left my full-time office job 3 years ago to run my own irisphoto business and have never looked back. Twice a week I pop into my shops to motivate and manage staff. Two hours a day is dedicated time to do some light admin. I have increased my earning potential while cutting down on working time. It’s the dream”.

~ Larry Owner of two Australian Iris Photo franchise locations

Financial Blueprint

With low setup costs and scalable overheads Iris Photo is one of the most affordable franchises to open.

Considered one of the best franchise opportunities to hit the market in years, territories will not last. Get in touch today to secure the ideal location for your fuiture.


Your Next Chapter Begins Here

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